About Us

About Us

Spyder Byte Design is an Aiken & Augusta based Drupal development company that has been delivering outstanding websites since 2009. Like all big things, we started small. Spyder Byte Design got its start working with local small business owners. In working with small business owners we mastered truly understanding a company's identity, and its needs. We have been able to take this skill set and apply it to national companies. Spyder Byte Design takes pride in getting to know each and every one of our clients.

Technology We Use

Tech We Use

Spyder Byte Design prides itself on using cutting edge development practices and technologies. Through these technologies, we can maintain security, stability, and consistency while constantly innovating with our designs and features. Additionally, while a desktop computer is obsolete almost before you walk out the door, work done by Spyder Byte Design will be up to date for years, needing minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Our Process

Our Process

Spyder Byte Design has a proven, simple development process that follows the agile pattern. From first concept to launching a finished product, projects are broken up into 5 straightforward phases: consultation, planning, development, quality assurance, and publishing.

HTML5 and CSS3


HTML5 has promised to dramatically alter how media and information can be delivered across devices and platforms around the world. From media tags that directly embed video without the use of IFrames or Flash, to entire games built in HTML, Javascript, and CSS, HTML5 and CSS3 are poised to change website development for the better, for good. Throughout it all. Spyder Byte Design has been on the cutting edge of these developments.

Why We Rock

Why We Rock

Spyder Byte Design is at the forefront of web design technology. We are employing a content management framework trusted by governments and major corporations around the world. This ensures your site has the best in terms of performance, security, and flexibility. We are up to date and up to speed on the latest developments in website design and construction. We endeavor to always be in the know, so that there aren't any surprises while your site is being built, or once it's launched.

Welcome to Spyder Byte Design

Spyder Byte Design has a strong passion for turning a client's needs into robust and flexible web platforms built on Drupal to better connect them with customers. We have a reputation for the highest quality of work delivering scalable, reliable, and user friendly Drupal solutions.

We strive to design and develop websites efficiently. As technology has changed, so has our need to adapt our process. We've needed to work faster and work smarter, and that is why we incorporate agile web development into our process. In agile development, when you work with us, you get a team who is 100 percent focused on your project and only your project. We make you the leader of the team to steer which goals are top priority. Then, we work based off those directions in short sprints so we can show you progress early and often.

A well-designed website can only go so far. With competition being only a click away, it's more important than ever for your website to meet the needs of your users. If it doesn't, they'll go somewhere else. We incorporate user-centered web design into every project that we build to ensure we know exactly what your users are looking for. Our designers then take that research and balance aesthetics with usability to create a seamless experience.

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